Wide Area Dispatch

Insta Talk is a cost effective, digital wide area communications system that allows for conversations with any or all employees at one time. This professional service is the latest technology in Digital Radio Service, allowing for easy communication with individuals (private) or groups (of any size). It is a multi-site communications system that simplifies the user experience with seamless coverage using built-in automatic site roaming. With a varied selection of equipment (portables, mobiles, and base stations), Insta Talk creates an easy and effective way of connecting with employees from Wentzville to Belleville (see coverage map below). There are no maintenance costs and no equipment purchases. Insta Talk offers 2 year or 3 year renewable agreements, both with unlimited talk time at one low monthly payment and no additional charges (taxes, end user fees, etc.). Insta Talk can save you thousands of dollars on communication costs per year. Additionally capable of GPS tracking* and individual or mass text messaging**, this versatile service allows your company to work more efficiently.

Insta Talk Coverage Map coverage map
*Must subscribe to GPS option

**Must subscribe to text messaging option