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Long before digital IP solutions were invented, Telex pioneered the analog dispatch console. Thirty years later, these updated models are as useful and popular as ever. Our analog consoles provide simple configuration, control and quality sound you can count on.

Telex was also a pioneer in IP consoles. In 2001 Telex was the first to develop a Radio over IP dispatch console.  Today, their VoIP consoles deliver everything for dispatch communications—stability, performance, and world-class dispatch capability. The distributive architecture of the Telex design will make this console the most flexible and scalable in the market today. This architecture allows for easy redundancy and no single point of falure. The IP platform makes it simple to install, easy to expand, and flexible enough to use in any dispatch setting.

The core of a Telex IP console product suite is C-Soft. C-Soft is the industry’s most flexible and capable dispatch software – the perfect application for any dispatch environment. This software installs on a Telex Nexus position, a Telex laptop, or on your own computer position (when used with the ADHB-4 audio adaptor). With two to two hundred radio lines, C-Soft allows you to design your screen to your application. Standard features include an Instant Recall Recorder, paging, and intercom. Available features include Fleetsync, MDC-1200, and Advanced SIP. C-Soft is compatible and Windows 7 32- and 64-bit formats.

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