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CVDS (formerly Canadian Voice Data Switching) has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art communication equipment since 1973. Throughout our history, starting with an automatic message accounting system, we have supplied equipment to departments within all levels of government as well as corporate clients such (as Bell Canada, Nortel, Transport Canada, CNCP Telecommunications, to name a few).

Their initial markets included air traffic control, rail yard systems, data terminals, transaction processing equipment, custom power supplies, and many other types’ specialized equipment.

Building from an expertise in communication systems, hardware and software designs, CVDS has become a leading supplier of Voice Recording Systems.

In the mid-1990’s CVDS developed a voice recording system for the air traffic control industry. It quickly became evident that the system was ideal for public safety as well. Since 1995, CVDS has been supplying ComLog recording systems to all levels of public safety including police departments, fire & rescue departments, sheriff and county communication centers, state and provincial police, public health departments, campus security, and many others. ComLog recorders integrate all analog, digital, and VoIP sources along with their associated data, into a single platform.

CVDS has an experienced team of engineers and technologists that are continuously adding features and functionality to the already successful ComLog Product line.

They take pride in customer satisfaction, starting with the installation of the equipment by factory trained and certified technicians; to ongoing 24/7 customer support.

CVDS was granted ISO 9001 certification in 1997 and has maintained this certification since then.

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