Video Surveillance Systems - Dittronics, Inc.

There are countless uses for Video Surveillance including industrial process monitoring, employee training, video analytics, and security. Dittronics has solutions for all of these. New technology has made Video Surveillance much easier to afford and operate.

Our experienced technical staff is uniquely able to offer you complete design, implementation, and service packages covering a wide variety of Video Surveillance applications for safety and security, including:
  • Retail/Commercial
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Educational
  • Biomedical/Healthcare
  • Hotels/Multi-unit Residences
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
We assess your situation and recommend the best camera options for your site’s security and monitoring needs. Options may include pan/tilt/zoom, fixed, IP, mega-pixel, 360 degree, or license plate cameras, all to improve image quality and surveillance effectiveness.

For example, sophisticated video analytics units allow you to bemonitored in real time for many unique behaviors such as: Loitering,Standing Vehicle, Object Left Behind, Object Removed, Forbidden Path of Motion, Crowd Control, People Converging, People/Car Counting, Speeding, Tripwire, Person on Fence Line, etc.