Communications solutions for Schools, Universities, and education professionals in Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, and around St. Louis Missouri.


Dittronics has been providing two way radio communication technology to universities, colleges, and public and private schools for many years.  This technology has long been essential in directing traffic, connecting administrators and staff, maintenance, janitorial and more.

In recent years radios, call boxes, and wireless PA systems have become even more critical as part of emergency preparedness plans and as a tool to respond to safety concerns.  Many schools are assigning radios to each classroom as a way for staff to communicate in the event of a safety or emergency event.  Some schools are assigning radios to physical education teachers to be able to contact the main office to call for an ambulance due to injury on a school field, rather than sending a student running to the office with the message. Even more recently some districts have opted to implement a district or campus wide radio over IP network solution. 

Benefits of Two Way Radio Technology in Education

  • Affordable – no monthly expenses
  • Instant Communication – in building or district/campus wide
  • Increase Safety and Security for Students, Teachers, and Staff
  • Monitor parking lots, bus loading, playgrounds, dorms, building entrances
  • Coordinate events and field trips
  • Critical Disaster or emergency situation response

In a crisis, seconds make a difference.  Is your school or campus ready?  There are so many radios available and far too often schools purchase discounted radios without the support or experience in selecting the right product.  Dittronics can help.  We will visit your site, meet with you to discuss your requirements and assist you in the selection of the proper radios for your application and budget.