December 22, 2012

Stolen guns could have ended up in Ferguson

Late last month, in Centralia, IL, 40 assorted guns were stolen along with ammunition from a Buchheit store. The stolen weaponry was intended to be sold to rioters in Ferguson, MO. Thanks to a tip and the surveillance cameras that were used, authorities were able to identify and locate the alleged robbers. The level of detail that was provided with the security cameras allowed for the recognition of a specific vehicle used in the robbery. The store that was broken into was using a security system that was designed, installed, and serviced by Dittronics. Our trained staff and high quality products prove to benefit companies time and again.

Two teens accused of stealing guns
Stolen guns headed for Ferguson

The value of Surveillance Cameras

December 22, 2014


February 4, 2014

Improve Restaurant Efficiency with Two Way Radios

Restaurants using two way radios have experienced many benefits when implementing two way radios into their workflow.  Some of these benefits are:

  • Faster Table Turns
  • Reduced Customer Wait Times
  • Reduced Time for Food Delivery

Restaurants that have chosen to use two way radios have found that they quickly pay for themselves in increased efficiency and more profits.  Two Way radios are considerably less expensive and provide more functionality than other products designed specifically for the restaurant industry, including products that integrate into the POS System.

Restaurants are usually occupy releatively small square footage, so two way radio range is not a concern.  Restaurant owners typically choose small, lightweight radios that use only 1 or 2 Watts of power.  Single channel radios are adequate for many restaurants, but some owners have chosen to use multi-channel models in order to have different groups using seperate communication paths.

Some basic knowledge of the different types of two way radios is necessary to selecting the best radio for the restaurant.  Consumer grade radios (those that can be purchased at a big box store) are usually less expensive, but present problems in the long term.  These radios work on frequencies that are open to anybody and often will give unwanted chatter or outside interference.  Business two way radios are slightly more expensive, but work on a designated frequency, are more durable, and have a much longer battery life.

Headsets, earpieces, and clip on microphones are typically used in the restaurant setting.  These eliminate the conversations being heard by the customer, and allow the restaurant personnel to talk in a quieter tone.  Earpieces can be purchased to use replaceable earplugs for sanitary daily use.

If you are a restaurant owner and want to increase your effiency, and make more profits, contact Dittronics today.  We carry a variety of different radios and have the expertise to recommend the appropriate two way radio to fit your need and your budget.


January 31, 2014

Making The Case for Digital Two-Way Radios

A wide range of industries have been employing two way radio technology for many years.  Transportation, education, construction, manufacturing, energy and utilities, private security, government, hospitality, retail, and many others.  All of these very different businesses have found that by using two way radios they can improve effiency, worker productivity, and responsiveness by communicating instantly.

Traditionally two way radio has used analog technology, which has proven to work well.  However, analog radios have reached the limits of innovation.  Today regulatory pressures and customer driven needs are forcing the move to a new platform for increased performance.  That new platform is digital two way radio!

Digital radio provides a powerful, flexible platform that can be modified or adapted to meet the various needs of different industries.  Digital two way radio offers many advantages over analog radios:

  • Better Voice Quality - With analog radio every sound that is picked up by the microphone is transmitted.  If there is a lot of background noise, it can be difficult to be understood.  Digital technology provides for a much clearer transmission.  The software focuses on the voice, not the noise in the background, resuling in exceptional voice clarity.  Digital radio uses automatic error correction, whereby it rebuilds the voice sounds and maintains the clarity of the voice.
  • Better Capacity - Digital two way radio is much more bandwidth efficient than analog.  Digital radio can accommodate two completely seperate "channels" in one 12.5 kHz channel.  With digital, the capaccity is doubled, enabling more people to communicate without interference.
  • Better Coverage - All radio signals grow fainter over distance.  The voice quality on analog radios degrades much faster than digital.  Digital voice will be much clearer at the far edge of the coverage area.  Digital error correction technology can deliver both audio and digital data content with virtually no loss over a much greater area.
  • Better Battery Life - Digital two way radio is much more energy efficient than analog radio.  Although both will use the same amount of power in standby mode, digital radios will be far more efficient when transmitting.  This is crucial for frequent users who rely on radios to last an entire shift.
  • Better Capabilities - Digital radio can deliver data and text messaging seamlessly.  Digital can ensure better privacy.  Digital radio can offer emergency pre-emption as well as easy to use one-to-one conversations.

The clear advantages of digital radio, along with the increasing regulatory pressures to use RF spectrum more efficiently are driving more industries to consider digital two way radios.  With the cost of ownership decreasing and the increasing capabilities of digital, now is the time to make the move.  Contact Dittronics today for addidtional information or a demo.